Domaine Chanson has a long history dating back to the 18th Century, it is now one of the biggest negociant Businesses in Beaune. Interestingly it is now owned by Bollinger in Ay, Champagne. Chanson owns a lot of vineyards around Beaune but also buy grapes from Chablis all the way down to Beaujolais. Chanson owns 45 hectares of vines, of which 25 hectares are 1er curs in Beaune.


2009 is the first fully organic vintage from Domaine Chanson and I am excited to try four bottles of 2009 Chanson 1er cru wines side-by-side to understand more about the terroir and micro-climate of the four plots below.

  • Beaune 1er Teurons (4 hectares)

  • Beaune 1er Greves

  • Beaune 1er Clos des Feves (3.8 hectares)

  • Savigny 1er Dominode

Domaine/Maison Chanson style

Wines of Domaine/Maison Chanson are fairly affordable (relatively speaking in Burgundy) and are very much suited to Burgundy drinkers as well as non-Burgundy drinkers. Chanson wines are very well-made and are generally approachable within a few years after release, almost too easy to drink. Reds are 100% whole bunch fermented. I was impressed with how approachable these 2009 wines are. A lot of 2009 red Burgundies are young and backwards, it is not easy to find an approachable 2009 Burgundy Premier Cru that is ready to drink. Good showing of oak perfumes, sweet spices and juicy red fruits.

2009 Red Burgundy vintage (Beaune)

2009 is an excellent year for red Burgundy. A rich and hot year, alcohol level is higher than usual. Pinot Noir are exceptionally ripe, a very fruity vintage with great balance and concentration, tannins are chewy at youth but has huge ageing potential too. A vintage that will be remembered for a long time.

Beaune 1er Teurons 2009

Perfumed violets, dark cherry and sweet vanilla spices. Good concentration and fair depth in Beaune 1ers. Very clean and easy to drink. (89/100)


Beaune 1er Greves 2009

Dark berries, blueberries, cherries, not as floral as Teurons, but with similar depth and shades of fruits. Not floral enough and overshadowed by 1er cru Teurons. (88/100)


Beaune 1er Clos Des Feves 2009

Lovely perfumed tones with rose petals and violets. Elegant cherry fruits, vanilla and cinnamon spices. Sweet aromas of strawberries. As attractive as Beaune 1er Teurons. (89/100)

Savigny Dominode 1er 2009

Vanilla spices, sweet cherry, crushed stones and slightly bubblegum-like. More earthy than the three Beaune 1er crus next to it. A touch of peas/beans. The least floral wine of the four Chanson 2009 Burgundy. (88/100)


All four wines are slightly tannic but very likeable with their sweet oak spices and forward bubbly red fruits. But it doesn’t have much depth even in a great vintage like 2009, and I have concerns whether these Chanson 1er crus will shine in weaker vintages.