Here are a few wine apps I recommend -


Vivino (Free, premium £3.99 monthly)

A wine sharing and checking app. It is particularly useful when choosing a vivinowine. This app has an image recognition software, when you scan a wine label and it will give you the information, ratings, reviews and prices of it (quite comprehensive). This is also a wine review sharing community where you can give your ratings and tasting notes of the wine you've tried. It is also a great app to keep track of the wines you have tried.

Wine-searcher (Free)

wine searcherPerhaps one of the most useful app for wine price comparing. It has an image recognition software as well, once you scan the wine it gives you a list of prices from different wine merchants, as well as a rating for the wine. It is the best way to know whether you are getting a good deal.


WSET wine game (Free)

icon175x175For those of you who wants to practice and learn more about wine regions around the world, this is the best app for it. It has 6 different levels, each level with require you to correctly select the country/region of the wine labels shown in 60 seconds. To move to the next level you have to unlock it by completing the existing level.


Local wine events (Free)

4b24f7847f2e4a055948ed717bd61f2fThere is not another easier way to enjoy and learn wine than with a wine group. This app shows you the wine events around your location, from one evening of wine tasting to extensive wine courses. It shows you the location, date of the event, price and the type of event. Wine gatherings are really a fingertip away from you!