I first tried this wine in a european restaurant in Moscow. It was one of the cheapest wines on their wine list. As the wine was around 2000 Russian Ruble (equivalent to £20). I didn’t raise my hope up as I rarely encounter any good wines that are low priced.


This wine however, took us all by surprise! It has the plums, blackberries and spice you would find in a decent bordeaux wine. Earthy, silky smooth texture, and some finesse which made it elegant. It also has hints of coffee and spice from the oak ageing, but as the wine is only £9, they probably used old oaks. A medium tannin and medium acidity, a lovely structured tannic finishing with berries and plums.

Haut Medoc is the largest appellation in the left bank. Cap de Lousteau is very close to Margaux, which has deep gravel soil. This wine is about 60% merlot, rest cabernet sauvignon and tiny bit of Petit Verdot.

It was sold on ASDA for £9.00 – Excellent value for money!