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A pleasure to partake in an extensive Selosse tasting, including the elusive Contrast (old Cote Faron) and Ratafia. The highlight for me was the 2005 disgorgement Substance (superlative complexity) and the 2010 disgorgement Initial, it is impressive how well Initial ages.

Tasting Notes


One of the highlights of the Selosse tasting was this 2010 disgorgement Initial, it has gained a lot more complexity since release and it hasn’t lost any of its vibrancy. Rich array of ripe tree fruits, seashell, smoked wood and a touch of orange peel. Some resemblance to Les Carelles, both with lovely elegance and a hint of cream soda. Great to drink now and likely at its peak. (93/100)

Selosse Rose

This 2010 disgorgement Selosse Rose is one of the most savoury Champagnes I have tasted. Selosse Rose tends to be quite savoury even at release, and with 10 +years of extra ageing there is a significant build-up of umami flavours. Some enjoyed it more than others. The red wine came from Elgy Ouriet. Delicate bouquet of zingy citrus, mushrooms, rose petal, and savoury finish. A distinguished rose with good complexity. (91/100)

Selosse VO

This 2010 disgorgement V.O. is more mature than the 2010 disgorgement Initial, a slight step up in concentration but lacks the incredible vibrancy that the 10 Initial still has. Typical Selosse V.O. ripe orchard fruits and exotic spices. Lovely concentration and finesse. At its peak and should be consumed sooner than later. (91/100)

Substance (2009 disgorgement)

The 2009 disgorgement Substance has gained even more weight over the years. Substance are delicious on release, however they gain even more complexity and weight with extra bottle age, although not everyone enjoys the fully matured profile of an aged Substance. Intense ripe tropical fruits, honied brioche and exotic spices nose. Drink now – 2024. (92-93/100)


2010 Disgorgement – In my humble opinion, Exquise is the least representative Champagne of Selosse house style. Even with 11 years of ageing post disgorgement, this Exquise doesn’t have the complexity compared to other cuvees. Clean array of ripe lemons and pear drops. If Served blind, I most probably would struggle to find the typical Selosse trait. (88/100)

Sous Le Monts

The Sous Le Monts is a big step up from the Bous du Clos next to it. 100% Pinot Noir from Mareuil-sur-Aÿ. Disgorged in 2013. Brilliant energy and intensity of ripe tropical fruits, lacy red berries and spices. This is up there along with Cote Faron, perhaps slightly more elegant. (93-94/100)

Bout du Clos

Pinot Noir dominant with up to 20% of Chardonnay (depending on the vintage). A small production cuvee but in my opinion one of their lesser single vineyard cuvees of Jacques Selosse. Flinty minerals intermixed with vibrant lemons and oxidative note and spices. Good richness but the least expressive Pinot Noir cuvees. (91-92/100)

2003 Les Carelles

In 2019, Selosse released about 100 bottles of 2003 Vintage Les Carelles, their first ever release of a single vineyard Vintage Champagne. This is my third time tasting it and I must admit it tasted significantly older than 2003 Vintage, I thought it was a Champagne from 1976 when I first tasted it blind last year. Disgorged in 2019 – Fully matured array of honied apricot, pineapples, Indian spices and oxidative butterscotch note. Full throttle ripe tropical fruits, seriously intense and powerful. Drink now – 2023. (92/100)

Les Carelles

This 2010 disgorgement Les Carelles is elegant and poised. Soft array of ripe tree fruits and cream soda. Slightly more mellow than the 2003 Vintage Les Carelles. Lovely complexity and summer white flower perfume. Attractive and gracious. (92/100)

Substance (2005 disgorgement)

This 2005 disgorgement Substance has to be one of the best Selosse Substance I have ever tasted. A step up in complexity compared to Contraste and 2009 Substance. Sublime intensity and complexity of aged yellow orchard fruits, honied brioche, lemon tart and exotic spices. Full bodied with fine acidity and salinity. Superlative. (95/100)

Contraste (2005 disgorgement)

I was most excited to taste this 2005 disgorged Contrast (now labelled as La Cote Faron) in the Selosse dinner, however this was overshadowed by the 2005 Substance served next to it. 100% Pinot Noir from La Cote Faron in Ay, made in solera style. Mellow array of red berries, cranberries, Indian spices, nuts and brioche. Oxidative and integrated but not massive. Impossible to find now. I personally prefer recent disgorgement La Cote Faron. (90/100)


This Ratafia is softer and more mellow than expected. Mild sweetness on the palate. Gentle citrus and peach. Interesting to try. (88/100)

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  1. chelsea

    Any chance you’d be willing to share what you paid for the V.O.? I found one recently and am trying to see if it is a reasonable price. thank you

    1. Jammy

      Apologies for the late reply. I have been buying V.O for 8 years now.. I recall paying around €110 for a bottle back then, but have also paid €300 last year in shop.

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