Malbec - Originally from France, were taken to Argentina in the mid 19th century. Malbec then adopted itself to the local climate so well that it soon gain its reputation worldwide. The most important wine region in Argentina is Mendoza, it accounts for two thirds of the country's entire wine production. The highly acclaimed wine regions are high in altitude (around 1000meters high), which has an annual average temperature of 15°C. The annual rainfall averages 200mm, making irrigation necessary.



A fantastic Argentinian Malbec! Wonderful rich ripe black fruits, plums, some cherries, dash of vanilla, hint of leather and tiny bit of ginger. It spent 12 months in French and American oak, 30% of which are new oak.
A medium-bodied smooth mouthfeel, with fruits and little tobacco and tealeaf taste. Well-structured, young and soft tannins. Lovely finish, very good wine indeed!

It was sold for £12.99 in Wine Rack, absolutely worth it!