Penfolds Grange is one of the legendary wines and an iconic wine of Australia, made from predominantly Shiraz with a few percentages of Cabernet Sauvignon. Penfolds sources their grapes for Grange as well as other labels from a few hundred grape growers across different districts, they vinify the grapes from each grower separately, rate the quality of each barrel and decide whether it is worthy of going into the Grange blend or not. Penfolds Grange are aged in new American oak for 17 months. The style of Penfolds Grange vary according to the vintage, but generally they are intensely-flavoured and ultra-ripe wine with Bordeaux-esque structure that are built for long term ageing.

The annual production of Penfolds Grange is roughly around 7,000-9,000 cases in recent vintages.

Tasting Notes

Grange 1978

Drank straight from bottle- this once again shows how well this iconic wine can age. Great bottle condition. Soften out very well, lots of chewy fruits left, inky and leathery with beautiful texture and fine silky tannins. Great concentration and top balance. Cooked fruits and incredibly rich fruits, prunes, blackberries, and tiny bit of liquorice. Very classic Grange richness and intensity, doesn’t disappoint. Holding up well, drink before 2020. (94/100)

Grange 1989

1989 is the last vintage that was labelled Grange Hermitage before the EU banned it from using a French appellation. A sophisticated spicy Grange with a dense core of prune, slight raisin, cocoa, herbaceous. Classic liquorice and tobacco smoke, and a touch of minerals. Weaker acidity, black truffles, big tannins, not as elegant or well defined as the 1993. A weaker Grange from the late 80s. Very savoury and meaty, but not as balanced as the 1993. Nonetheless holds great concentration. Could do with a short decant. (92/100)

Grange 1993

Grange 1993 is a good benchmark for mature top quality Australian wine. The complexity, power, and concentration are well balanced, and I believe it has the ability to turn Shiraz drinkers into Shiraz lovers. Autumn note, earth, spices, smoky background. Bits of blackberry, finest fruit weight, and truffles perhaps? Great maturity. Adequate acidity, beautiful savoury twist with liquorice and mushrooms. Great length and elegance. High percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon (14%), 86% Shiraz. Drink now. (95/100)

Grange 1994

Penfolds Grange can easily challenge many ‘Old World’ wine with its power, complexity, and its incredible lifespan. An average Grange will need about 20 years of ageing before it reach its peak, and last another 20 years after that. This was opened in the morning and was enjoyed in the evening. This 1994 Grange is a beast! Great intensity, inky dark fruits, oily toasted new oak and blueberry burst of flavours. Full bodied, powerful, creme de cassis, well-layered. More tannic than 1993. Delicious. (95/100)

Grange 1999

Well balanced and nicely layered. Complex. Medium pronounced, blackberries, cherries, plums, black pepper, vanilla, liquorice, hints of wood (cedar). Some cooked cherries from ageing. Dry, medium plus acidity, Hugh smooth tannins, medium body. Long impressive finish. Absolutely worth it. 1999 was a tricky year, March rain in Barossa. But this cannot be told from the wine. Tremendous amount of fruits and flavour length. Outstanding! Can drink now, also has the potential for ageing for a few more years. Drink it before 2025. (92/100)

Grange 2001

The 2001 Grange is a powerhouse, full on exuberant dark fruits and intensely concentrated flavours. 2001 is one of the 6 vintages of Grange that are made with 100% Shiraz, all from Barossa. Double decanted 4-5 hours ahead. The 2001 Grange offers a great punch of in-depth black fruits, juicy blueberries, ultra ripe cassis and a layer of vanilla and sweet spices. The concentration is close to inky without being cloying, wonderful acidity balances. Still young and has many decades of life ahead. (94-95/100)

Grange 2005

At 10-11 years of age, Grange should be as fresh as a daisy. The colour is dark and intense. Powerful nose of liquorice, blackberry bomb, prune, and raisins. The development of prune and raisins showed the particular warm vintage in Barossa, even the nights were warm. Generous spices like any Grange, cinnamon. Structured black fruits and liquorice, vanilla extract, lots of clove and evocative spices, thick and sweet. Good acidity. Crowd pleaser but not my favourite. (95/100)

Grange 2006

Grange vertical: Vintage 2006. A great year in Penfolds, better example than 05, but slightly closed nose. Considerably less fruits to offer compared with the great 08 which was given 100 points by RP. This bottle is elegant, perfumed sandal wood, expressive spices and huge mocha aroma. Some herbs and minerals undertones. Full-bodied with deliciously smooth tannins with generous spices and great acidity to last. Beautiful finesse, and a dramatic spicy finish. Needs time to mature, maybe 20-40 years. (96/100)

Grange 2007

A vintage following a similar path to the 2005. Youthful rich colour.Perfumed oak smoke, blackberry, lots of spices, cocoa, black pepper, some raisins, liquorice and bits of herbs. Lovely full-bodied, grippy tannins, sweet fruits compensating the finesse balance. Structured oak character, spices and black fruits finish, long length. 2007 was a hot year like 2005. The quality of this wine is slightly higher than 2005. A blend of 97% Syrah and 3% Cabernet Sauvignon. (95/100)

Grange 2008

2008 is the first Grange with the perfect 100 score. It’s everything you can really ask for from top quality Syrah! Beautiful nose, rich, opulent. Shocking balance of blackberry, liquorice, and exotic spices. Layers under layers of fruits and perfumed oak toast, cigar box, vanilla. Very aromatic for an eight year old beast. Some tar, sweet spices. Concentrated and full-bodied, holds great freshness and class. Minerals , Earth, some Rhone character, five spices, long impressive lasting. A must try! (100/100)

Grange 2009

A stunning vintage from this Grand Cru/First growth equivalent Australian wine. Slightly muted nose, but full of potential and will evolve over many decades. A lot less fruits compared with 2008, and more spices. Elegant and sophisticated, perfumed sandal wood, black peppers, and expressive mocha. Some minerals and herbs. Smooth fine tannins with exotic spices, slightly higher acidity than 2005. Full-bodied, great finesse, but needs time for the complexity to multiply. Extremely powerful finish. (97/100)

Grange 2010

Extremely close quality to the 08 Grange with a perfect score. Also the youngest wine of the night, youthful ruby and a touch of purple. Stunning aromas and complexity. Liquorice, blackberry bomb, and spices. Extremely dense and opulent. Youthful fruits, generous oak smoke, sandal wood. Concentrated and well balanced. Cassis, cigar box, lots of finesse. A bit tannic, stunning flavour intensity and outstanding balance, impressive long finish. Should be lovely to drink from 2021 for a few decades. (98/100)



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