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10th October 2017 - Tasting the new vintage release 2015 Prieuré Roch with Yannick Champ from Domaine Prieuré Roch at the Cubé, a new Japanese tapas restaurant in Mayfair.


Domaine Prieuré Roch was founded by Henry-Frédéric Roch in 1988, a co-director at Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, one of the most mythical wines in the world. Henry-Frédéric Roch's grandfather is Henri Leroy, the father of the legendary Lalou Bize-Leroy, the owner of Domaine Leroy and Domaine d'Auvenay.

Style of wine

Domaine Prieure Roch has a long history and relationship with DRC and is related to Lalou Bize-Leroy, and even though Prieure Roch is not as well known as DRC or Leroy, many Burgundy connoisseurs take the wines of Prieure Roch very seriously. The wines of Prieure Roch are highly sought after and is recognised as one of the finest producers in Burgundy.

In general, Prieure Roch wines are pure, organic, lifted-floral with wildness on the palate. The highly aromatic characteristics resemble the style of Domaine Leroy (not the Maison), both of them are incredibly floral and aromatic. Whole cluster fermentation, biodynamic approaches, minimal SO2, no fining or filtering, minimal pumping over, low yield (approximately 30hl/ha in 2015), 100% new oak in the cuvees and around 18 months élevage.

2015 - Is the Prieure Roch style changing?

During my tasting of the 2015 wines from Domaine Prieure Roch, I noticed the wines are less 'wild' and slightly more conventional compared to previous vintages, but they are just as bubbly and elegant as before. In the 2015 vintage, the elevage was reduced from 18 months to 12 months.


2014 Prieure Roch Roese

The Prieure Roch Rosé comes from the free run Pinot Noir from Ladoix. It is not released in every vintage and only a small amount of bottles are released to the trade.

Perhaps Rosé is often overlooked in Burgundy, but 2014 is a great vintage in Burgundy for rosé. A vintage with classic tannic ripeness and nervy acidity.

This 2014 Prieure Roch Rosé is surprisingly elegant. Fresh strawberries and crunchy minerals, very soft and exciting. Pure, light and elegant. Gentle tannins and soft core fruits. (86/100)

2015 Prieure Roch Le Cloud Rouge

2015 production - 9620 bottles

Prieur Roch Le Cloud is the entry level red Burgundy of Prieure Roch. Le Cloud is a vineyard in Ladoix, located at the northern end of Cote de Beaune. In this entry level wine, we can see the 100% whole bunch philosophy and organic approaches in this wine.

The vintage characteristics is very apparent in this wine, thick skinned ripe grapes without too much depth, abundant of ripeness and mellow fruits on the nose, very clean earth and subtle oak. Clean and bright with peppery fragrant and red currant. An easy going lunch wine and a great wine to try if you want to know if Prieure Roch is your style of wine. (86/100)

2015 Prieure Roch Nuits St Georges 1er Cru Clos des Argillieres

2015 production - 1966 bottles

The Clos des Argillieres is a Premier Cru plot from Nuits Saint Georges, Prieure Roch recently acquired it back in 2009. An interesting terroir located between Clos Armit and Prieure Roch’s flagship Clos de Corvee.

Unlike his other wines, the 2015 Clos des Argillieres is forward and crisp, filled with gooseberries, red current rose petals, and baking spices.

Not as dark and brooding as his NSG VV, but palate was fresh and transparent with intense minerality. I think this terroir matches PR style. (90+/100) 

2015 Prieure Roch Nuits St Georges 1er Cru Vielles Vignes

2015 production - 4537 bottles

The 2015 Prieure Roch Nuits St Georges Vieilles Vignes is quite a step up from Clos des Argillieres despite being 35% cheaper on release.

This Nuits 1er VV comes from Clos des Corvees, one of Prieure Roch’s flagship vineyards. 80 year old vines and 4537 bottles produced in 2015.

Refined aromas of red and dark cherries and the lovely organic bouquet of Prieure Roch wines. Nice earthy, sweet and intense rose petals. Not as in depth as his Vosne Les Suchots but more ‘Pinot’ flavours. (92+/100)

2015 Prieure Roch Nuits St Georges 1er Cru Le Clos des Corvees 

2015 production - 6478 bottles

Le Clos des Corvees Nuits St Georges is the flagship wine of Prieure Roch made from a Premier Cru monopole within Aux Corvees. 

Prieure Roch makes three wines from the Clos des Corvees: an entry level Nuits St Georges 1er, a Nuits St Georges 1er VV from 50-70 year old vines, and the Cuvee Clos des Corvees made from selected millerandage grapes. The grapes are 30% the size of normal Pinot Noir grapes, and they have incredible concentration. Very low yield of approximately 15hl/ha in 2015 for Les Clos des Corvees.

Gorgeous nose of dense dark fruits with powerful whole cluster scents. Serious structure and highly aromatic. Darker tone than the 2010. The best NSG I have tasted! (94-95/100)

2015 Prieur Roch Vosne Romanee 1er Cru Les Suchots

Les Suchots is the largest 1er Cru vineyard in Vosne Romanee, sandwiched between Romanee St Vivant and Echezeaux. Though there are some resemblance of Grand Cru wine, I find the quality varies considerably between the top and the bottom of the Suchots slope.

Prieure Roch rents a 1ha plot of Les Suchots from DRC, located at the lower part of the slope right next to the climate ‘Clos St Denis’ in Echezeaux.

This Suchots is energetic with great purity and medium weight deep-pitched fruits. Brooding. (93/100) 

2015 Prieure Roch Clos de Vougeot Grand Cru
Prieure Roch owns 0.62ha of vines in Clos Vougeot (total 50ha), a narrow section of plot about the north centre of Vougeot.

Bouquet of compelling cinnamon spiced primary fruit juice. Slightly darker and bigger than the Les Suchots but hard to assess at this stage. Lovely juice (93/100)

2015 Prieure Roch Chambertin Clos de Beze Grand Cru

The quality of this Clos de Beze is as special as Prieure Roch’s flagship Clos des Corvees. Prieure Roch owns 1ha of vines in the centre of Clos de Beze, sandwiched between Faiveley and Rousseau’s holdings. Considered one of the premium parts of Clos de Beze.

The 2015 Clos de Beze is a combination of expressive pure fruits and organic whole cluster aromas with serious structure and depth of Clos de Beze. Full bodied, chunky Beze. Excellent purity, intense richness and texture. (95/100)

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