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Romanee Conti vineyard

The scarcest, frequently the best, and most expensive wines of the world – Romenée Conti. Domaine Romanée-Conti (DRC) is like the portrait of Mona Lisa, both the best known, most written and sung about, and one of the most respected work of art in the world. Unlike Mona Lisa, DRC can be purchased and drunk, but comes with a hefty price tag. DRC wines are one of the most sought after wines in the world, the demand each year simply outstrips the supply by multiple folds.

Each year, a small number of Corney & Barrow (Exclusive DRC retailer in the UK) customers from the UK are able to buy a bottle or few DRC wines from en premier if they are lucky and have built a good relationship with the merchant. Note: There are also official wine merchants around the world that sells Domaine de la Romanee Conti en Premier. Corney & Barrow has a complex allocation process on DRC en premier, and they look at your ‘appreciation’ towards fine Burgundy wines and decide if they should allocate a few precious drops to you. According to some of the staffs, they take into considerations on the amount of Burgundy wines you purchase from them, the length of the customer relationship, and a few other factors. This is a lengthy process for any new customers of Corney & Barrow, but if you can get hold of a bottle of DRC from en premier, it is a lot cheaper than buying from secondary market. Buying Domaine de la Romanee Conti wines from official DRC importers also guarantee the authenticity of your wines.

Tasting Notes

Vosne Romanee 1er cru Cuvée Duvault-Blochot 2011

The more affordable wine of this Domaine, Cuveé Duvault-Blochet is an assemblage of younger vines from Grand Crus vineyards. This special cuveé is dedicated to the legendary winemaker Jacques-Marie Duvault-Blochet, who bought DRC and La Tache and created DRC.

In depth, very perfumed, rich and sexy, signature DRC style. Sweet fruits and herbal vibes, sublime DRC spices and creamy edge. Subtle flavours. Very approachable now with soft tannins, adequate acidity and good intensity. A good DRC introduction. (93+/100)

Echezeaux 2008

It was my first experience with DRC, and it blew my mind. Highly seductive and fragrant wine I have ever came across. This DRC Echezeaux is not only nectar: it is a definition of Burgundy. This flawless beauty is an exceptional wine. The concentration, depth, richness, harmony and finesse are only found in the better DRC wines. Extremely perfumed nose, beautiful herbs, lots of floral nose, rose, bright fresh cherry, smoke with class and elegance. Sharp acidity, wild, silky, complex in mouth, beautiful structure and extremely long finish. (96/100)

It’s always a pleasure drinking DRC, even at their entry level Echezeaux. Ex-Domaine bottle (released in 2015). Started off reductive and got better after an hour of decanting. Soft bouquet of fresh red berries, earthy gravel, stemmy whole cluster perfumes and sweet raspberries. The green stemmy note reminds me 2007 Red Burgundy, not expected in 2008. Also, interestingly greener than the 2004 La Tache next to it. Structured backbone with bright new oak exotic spices, the taste of ‘premium’ new oak. At an awkward stage. (92-93/100)   Tasted 14 Aug 2019

Echezeaux 2011

Bright ruby slight purple colour.
As usual, DRC managed to make something brilliant from weaker vintages. Stunning nose of cherry, blossom, classic perfumed DRC. Purple flowers. High purity of red fruits and layered flavours. Strong grip of tannins, black tea tannins, dry mouth coating finish. The body is moderate and average density, which reflects on the weather conditions. Sharp acidity, needs time. 35 seconds long finish. (93/100)

Echezeaux 2012

Magnificent DRC strikes again⚡Incredibly youthful and powerful Echezeaux with the textbook elegance and sweet spices floral tones of DRC. Beautiful yet classic aromas of sweet cherry🍒 bouquet of flowers and spices. DRC Echezeaux offers great roundness and balanced, whereas Leroy style focuses on floral aromas💐and purity. Very consistent quality, richer and 💪🏼 than 11 but slightly less showing than 08. Drinking well now but not in beast mode, complexity and body should improve with time.🕒 (95/100)

Sweet dark berries and fragrant stems, dark fruits yet very attractive. Alluring bouquet but still very primary and fresh. Rich yet it has a feminine edge to it. Whole cluster scents and ample new oak which reminds me of Domaine Bizot. Seductive but not as rich and complex as the Meo Camuzet next to it. My guess on this was the Bizot. (95/100)

Grands Echezeaux 1983

Tasted blind – Mature Pinot Noir on the nose, earth, stewed red fruits, horse saddle, sweet spices and dry tannins on the finish. Transparent and true to the terroir, fully mature with a nice complexity to the balanced finish. Could this be a Rene Engel from the 70s or DRC? Beautiful but for my preference, I would have drunk this maybe 10 years ago. Amazing to try a DRC in blind! (91/100)

Grands Echezeaux 1995

The wine of the night. Perfumed sweet cherry, classic DRC aromas. Perfumed spices, integrated mature nose of blossom, mild rose, oak perfume, terroir of Grands Exhezeaux. Touch of cream and oak bark. Extremely in-depth and complex. Forward and generous. It offers superb density and tannins, impressive and seductive finish.

Drinking at prime, which is rare for DRC (95/100)

Grands Echezeaux 2002

Tasted side by side with Mugneret Gibourg Echezeaux single blind and it was very apparent which was the DRC. In my humble opinion DRC offers a pretty nose of sweet stem and whole cluster that is (unsurprisingly) very similar to Domaine Leroy. Ultra perfumed and refined with feminine sappy red fruits. The floral aromas and sweet oak toast integrates well with the earthy underbrush and textured minerals. Great length with fragrant rose petals, dark cherry and sweet ripe stems. Leroy perfumes. Deep and sexy. (95/100)

Richebourg 1995

1995 Richebourg from Domaine de la Romanee-Conti is very well-balanced and enjoyable, but angular on the palate. DRC hedonistic aromas but seems lightfooted for any Richebourg. Sweet fragrance of DRC, very opulent and some floral with notes of red fruits, sous-bois. Good expression of terroir, the ‘richness’ of Richebourg, missing some strength however. Not hugely intense but offers robust fruits, coffee and leaf, and Richeboug minerals. A bit richer and more rustic than the DRC Grands Echezeaux 1995. (94/100)

Richebourg 2004

The 2004 vintage for red Burgundy was average overall, but that doesn’t really apply to DRC’s top Grand Crus. 2004 DRC Richebourg terroir speaks louder than the DRC style. Very powerful and seductive. Deeper than Grands Echezeaux with more smoky-earthy-chalky characters. Lovely sous-Bois, dark cherry, hints of stems/green tannins giving away the vintage characteristics. Beautiful combination of finesse and rich-Burgundy (Richebourg) strength. A terrific terroir and a fine effort in this vintage. (96/100)

Romanee Saint Vivant 1995

Opulent, floral, with deep gravel and summer flowers, this is an ethereal RSV. This RSV is developing at a glacial rate, at 22 years of age it is just showing some game, dried roses, nutmeg. Gorgeous perfume. Similar to Leroy, DRC expresses the terroir in the purest and most floral form of Pinot Noir. This DRC Romanee Saint Vivant 1995 is more floral and playful than the unforgivingly firm and backwards DRC Richebourg 1995. (95/100)

La Tache 2004

The 2004 La Tache is simply irresistible, deeply expressive of the Vosne Romanee terroir (reminds me of Romanee Saint Vivant but more muscular and tense). Profound nose of exotic mixed berries intertwined with sweet spices and delicate rose petals. Voluminous with an explosive floral bouquet, only small traces of green stems, in fact this 2004 La Tache has riper stems than the 2008 DRC Echezeaux next to it. Ethereal and feminine spiced nose that resembles Romanee Saint Vivant, just more intense and sweeter on the finish. Lighter weight in the context of La Tache but drinking gorgeously today. A world class wine. (96/100)  Tasted 14 Aug 2019

La Tache 2008

La Tache is the second best red wine from Domaine de la Romanee Conti, a 6.06 ha vineyard next to Romanee Conti. This is the holy Grail in Burgundy! Hedonistic, glorious, soul-stirring. Stunning ultimate herbal and floral perfume incomparable with any other wines! Perhaps the only wine that could outperform a La Tache is Romanee-Conti?

11560 bottles produced. Extraordinary intensity and potent aromatic profile. Incomparable with DRC Vosnes Romanee. Explosive flavours on the palate, very rounded and complex. Fireworks stuffed with herbs and spices. Remarkable balance of powerful fruits and opulent DRC Grand style. Incredibly sensational and addictive, this is what I love about Burgundy. (97-98/100)


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